2019 Skills Competition

The 2019 Clackamas Regional Skills Competition is set to occur on Thursday, February 28th, 2019. Clackamas Community College will host the annual event that is expected to draw near 1,000 high school students from Clackamas County Schools. The Clackamas Regional Skills Competition offers opportunities to challenge today's academic, career and technical education students by providing students the opportunity to demonstrate the skills and knowledge they have learned in school. This event:

  • PROMOTES the transition from secondary to post-secondary education
  • PROVIDES students an opportunity that may assist future decision making
  • DEMONSTRATES an educational product to the community
  • INVOLVES industry and the public with the educational process
  • BUILDS and CHALLENGES professional improvement
  • YIELDS LEADERSHIP and expresses cooperation among the residents of Clackamas County
  • For additional information, please visit the Regional Skills Competition Website or contact Curtis Bullock at [email protected] or 503.675.4017

    Posted on January 10, 2019.
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    About C-TEC

    C-TEC is a consortium of schools and partners in Clackamas County committed to creating high quality pathways from education to the workforce. The consortium prioritizes partnership, collaboration, innovation and leveraged resources to provide high quality programs and efficient use of public resources. C-TEC supports Career and Technical Education programs, Advanced College Credit, School to Careers activities, and the Workforce Investment Act Youth Program (C-TEC Youth Services).

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