Career & Technical Education

Perkins IV

The Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act of 2006 was recently approved by Congress. 2008-2009 is the first year of full implemention of the new Perkins IV act. Learn more about the Perkins IV Act.

Clackamas C-TEC Consortium Handbook

The Clackamas Career Technical Education Consortium Handbook provides specific information related to our region's goals and alignment to core elements and standards.

CTE Program Approval and Quality Assurance

Approved Programs and Performance Data

View a current list of APPROVED PROGRAMS
For a list of Approved Programs - Choose "Approved Programs" from the Available Reports drop down menu

Program of Study Approval - Secondary Component

A CTE Program of Study:

  • Begins at the secondary level and concludes at the postsecondary level
    - Is aligned to a set of industry standards
    - Is aligned between secondary and postsecondary levels
    - Provides articulated postsecondary credit whenever possible
    - Integrates core academic skills into instruction
    - Reports and utilizes data in the review of the program
    - Conducts an assessment of technical skills gained in the program
    - Includes student support services

Approved Programs of Study must be renewed every four years.

In addition, a teacher teaching in a Perkins Eligible CTE Program of Study must hold an appropriate CTE Teaching license or endorsement.

Visit the Perkins Handbook - Program of Study Section or Contact Sarah Dorn to learn more about Program of Study Approval.

CTE Teacher Licensure

Any teacher teaching a "required" course within a CTE program must have a CTE License or endorsement. Learn more about CTE Licensure

Professional Development Opportunities

Click HERE for Professional Development Opportunities

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About C-TEC

C-TEC is a consortium of schools and partners in Clackamas County committed to creating high quality pathways from education to the workforce. The consortium prioritizes partnership, collaboration, innovation and leveraged resources to provide high quality programs and efficient use of public resources. C-TEC supports Career and Technical Education programs, Advanced College Credit, School to Careers activities, and the Workforce Investment Act Youth Program (C-TEC Youth Services).

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