Literacy in CTE Lesson Plans


Chapter 1 Vocabulary
Account Classifications
Financial Statements
Ethics in Accounting
Hot Topics Socratic Circle
Marketable Security Investments
Break Even Analysis
Sarbanes Oxley Legislation
Sarbanes Oxley Legislation 2
Introduction to Accounting
Corporate Takedown
Journalizing Transactions
What is Accounting

Agriculture, Horticulture & Forestry

Anatomy - Digestion
Integrated Pest Management 1
Integrated Pest Management 2
Integrated Pest Management 3
Integrated Pest Management 4
Plant Anatomy
Careers in Forestry
GMO Transgenic Organism
Biltmore Stick
Planting Table
Plants in Your Life
Seed Reading 1
Seed Reading 2
Seed Vocabulary


Engine Design
Hazardous Materials
Raising a Vehicle
Battery Basics
Brake Principles
Safety and Emergency Procedures

Broadcasting & Digital Media

Online Demographics
Social Media Evaluation
Student Social Network
Future of Social Media


Orienting New Employees
Orienting New Employees - Role Play
Business Research Paper
Formal Business Report Writing
Writing Business Letters
There Is No Such Thing As Business Ethics
Social Responsibility
Budget Peer Review
Business Ethics
Personal Finance
Social Responsibility
Microsoft Word


pH Scale
Professional Cosmetologist
Introduction to Makeup

Culinary Arts

Making of a Chef
Sustainability in Food Service Part 1
Sustainability in Food Service Part 2
Soups & Stocks
Nutrition Articles
Nutrition Essay
Food Matters
Ethics in Culinary

Early Childhood Education

Health Safety & Nutrition
Understanding Indirect Guidance
Indirect Guidance - Discussing an Argument
Indirect Guidance - Identifying Factors that Predict Behavior
Observation and Assessment Lesson 1
Observation and Assessment Lesson 2
Observation and Assessment Lesson 3
Observation and Assessment Lesson 4
Writing a Research Paper
Using Credible Sources
Key Vocabulary Words
Informative Research Peer Edit
Children and Television
10 Things Every Child Needs
Physical Development 1
Becoming an Emotional Coach
Introduction to Guidance and Discipline
The Time Out Continuum
Birth & the Newborn
Effective Guidance Techniques
Making Families Feel Welcome
Selecting Quality Childcare
Temperament Traits
Working With Children
Research in Child Development
Careers With Children
Middle Childhood Physical Development
Middle Childhood Physical Development Follow-Up
Teacher Tenure
Literature Review
Selecting Toys for Toddlers


Careers in Engineering 1
Careers in Engineering 2

Family and Consumer Sciences

Cooking on a Budget
Hunger in America 1
Hunger in America 2
Hunger in America 3
Hunger in America 4
Food Inc - Argumentative Essay
Five Second Rule
Blender Basics
Egg-Citing Omelets
Successful Microwaving

Fire Science

Personal Protective Equipment
Ground Ladders
Altruistic Service

Graphic Design

Principles of Design
Self-Reflection - Great 8
Symbols, Icons & Shapes
Flag Lesson
Inspiration vs. Infringement
Typography Animals

Health Sciences

Medical Language
Careers in Rural Medicine
Infection Control
Advanced Directives


Corporate Social Responsibility
Presentation Skills
Marketing Plan Outline
Determining Target Market
Selling - Inside vs. Outside Sales
Selling - Sales Demonstration
Figurative Language in Advertising
Vocabulary Building
Market Research
Credit for Proficiency - English & Marketing
DECA Role Play
Email Etiquette
Effective Meetings
Management Styles
Marketing Research

Textiles, Design and Merchandising

Sewing Demonstration
Sewing Tools
Eco Fashion
Fashion Merchandising

General Topics

Fact Vs. Opinion
Reading for Information

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C-TEC is a consortium of schools and partners in Clackamas County committed to creating high quality pathways from education to the workforce. The consortium prioritizes partnership, collaboration, innovation and leveraged resources to provide high quality programs and efficient use of public resources. C-TEC supports Career and Technical Education programs, Advanced College Credit, School to Careers activities, and the Workforce Investment Act Youth Program (C-TEC Youth Services).

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