Perkins Handbook

Section 1: Overview

C-TEC Consortium Agreement
C-TEC Strategic Plan

Section 2: Procedures

2017-18 Timeline
Legal Requirements for Use of Perkins IV Funds
Distribution of Funds within the C-TEC Consortium

Section 3: Regional Perkins Plan and Updates

2017-2018 Update to Perkins Plan
2016-2017 Update to Perkins Plan
2012-2013 Update to Perkins Plan
2011-2012 Update to Perkins Plan
2010-2011 Update to Perkins Plan
2009-2010 Update to Perkins Plan
2008-2013 Perkins 5 Year Plan

Section 4: Local Perkins Plan Updates

Local 2017-18 Plan Updates

Section 5: Data

Individual School Performance Graphs
Regional Secondary Performance Data 2016-17
Link to ODE Data Website
Oregon Perkins IV Performance Measurement Definitions

Section 6: Programs of Study

Currently Approved Program of Study List By School
Program of Study Core Elements
Suggested Process for Developing a CTE Program of Study
Math in CTE Lessons
Writing in CTE Lessons
Literacy in CTE Lessons

Section 7: Technical Skill Assessment

Oregon Technical Skill Assessment Information
Locally Developed Technical Skill Assessments

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About C-TEC

C-TEC is a consortium of schools and partners in Clackamas County committed to creating high quality pathways from education to the workforce. The consortium prioritizes partnership, collaboration, innovation and leveraged resources to provide high quality programs and efficient use of public resources. C-TEC supports Career and Technical Education programs, Advanced College Credit, School to Careers activities, and the Workforce Investment Act Youth Program (C-TEC Youth Services).

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