41st Annual Clackamas Regional Skills Competition

February 28, 2019


The 41st Annual Clackamas Regional Skills Competition is set to occur on Thursday, February 28th, 2019. Clackamas Community College will host the annual event that is expected to draw near 1,000 high school students from Clackamas County Schools. The Clackamas Regional Skills Competition offers opportunities to challenge today's career and technical education students by providing an opportunity to demonstrate the skills and knowledge they have learned in school. Winners of many Regional Skills Competitions receive CCC tuition waivers!* Pre-registration is required for most events. Be sure to carefully review the contest event information below. Students should complete the Registration Form linked here (PDF) and submit to your school representative. Registration opens in January.

This event:

  • PROMOTES the transition from secondary to post-secondary education
  • PROVIDES students an opportunity that may assist future decision making
  • DEMONSTRATES an educational product to the community
  • INVOLVES industry and the public with the educational process
  • BUILDS and CHALLENGES professional improvement
  • YIELDS LEADERSHIP and expresses cooperation among the residents of Clackamas County

For additional information about the Clackamas Regional Skills Competition, please contact Curtis Bullock at 503.675.4017

Career fair will take place between 8:30AM and 12:00 Noon.

See you on February 28th!


*Tuition waivers can be applied to any term for up to two years after high school graduation. Students must email the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships ([email protected]) with their full name, CCC student ID number, and a request to apply their Skills Competition tuition waiver to their CCC classes in a specific term. Awards are identified in the Skills Competition booklet for each contest. In general, tuition waivers are awarded for 1st place (12 credits), 2nd place (8 credits) and 3rd place (4 credits). Tuition waivers could save you up to $1,200 in tuition! Winners will still be responsible for all fees, all books, and any tuition not covered by a waiver.

Contest Event Information

Broadcast Journalism
Business - Accounting
Business - MS Word
Chemistry - Inorganic
Chemistry - Organic
Computer Science
Criminal Justice - Crime Scene Investigation
Criminal Justice - Policing
Graphic Design
Health Sciences
Human Resources
Mathematics - Individual
Mathematics - Team
Renewable Energy Technology
Social Sciences - Essay
Social Sciences - Social Laboratories
Student Life & Leadership
Theatre - Monologue
Theatre - Technical
World Languages
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About C-TEC

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